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Commercial vs. Residential Painters in Rhode Island: Salt Air Challenges in Coastal Communities

Coastal towns that make up South County have remained a consistently booming tourist destination for the state of Rhode Island.

The South County Tourism Council is living proof of just how popular Southern RI has become for visitors from all over New England & beyond. Their website showcases everything the area has to offer from a visitor's perspective, which in turn likely 'sells' on behalf of prospective business owners, families, and homeowners who may want to make the move.

Coastal communities that surround areas like Scarborough Beach, Roger Wheeler State Beach, & East Matunuck State Beach are known for their tourist friendly businesses, high-value residential homes, and investment properties that are vacation homes or sources of income for folks in northern Rhode Island and out of state. Our team frequently works in neighborhoods like Green Hill in Matunuck & Bonnet Shores in Narragansett and one common theme we encounter is:

How do we protect paint in Rhode Island homes that are constantly challenged by salt air?

These coastline communities offer picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean, but the salt air and harsh weather can take a toll on buildings' exterior and interior paints.

As a painting company, Porcayo Construction understands the unique challenges of painting in this area. Each home we work on requires a different approach - Especially as we move closer to the beaches.

And of course - business owners or investment property owners require a different method of remodeling as the interior of these buildings are painted often due to the foot traffic from tourists, vacationers, and renters visiting RI.

So - What are the differences between residential and commercial painting companies?

Residential Paint vs Commercial Paint Differences

residential vs commercial painters

Residential paints are designed for use in homes and are often more aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial paints, on the other hand, are formulated for high traffic areas and are more durable. Additionally, commercial paints often contain more VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than residential paints due to their high solids content, making them better suited for large-scale projects such as beachfront hotels, waterfront dining areas, outdoor malls, and office buildings.

Residential Painters vs Commercial Painters: Which company is best?

Residential painters focus on providing a more personalized service, taking the time to understand their clients' preferences and making recommendations based on their experience. For Porcayo Construction, our team often focuses on the aesthetics of the paint job, ensuring that the colors and finishes match the client's style and preferences. We discuss the pros and cons of using high-end paint and make recommendations according to the homeowner's overall budget and remodel expectations.

On the lower cost end, painters who only offer paint services essentially provide a result that becomes commercial in nature.

stair painting in Bonnet Shores

Home remodel companies differ in which the interior or exterior painting becomes the finishing touches of a whole home remodel. Things like trim, cabinets, stairs, doors, and ceilings essentially become an integral piece to an overall whole house renovation project.

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Commercial painters, on the other hand, often focus on efficiency and speed, as minimizing downtime is crucial for businesses. They also must be familiar with specific regulations and requirements for commercial buildings, such as fire codes and ADA compliance.

Matunuck Beach Home paint job

Matunuck Beach Home - South Kingstown

Coastal Rhode Island Painting Challenges

The salt air from the beaches can cause corrosion and damage to paint, making it crucial to use high-quality, durable paint product in any situation. Additionally, the weather in this New England can be unpredictable, with harsh winters and humid summers. This requires painters to be familiar with weather patterns and choose paints that can withstand these conditions. Often times our deck restoration services are combined with an exterior painting project in an effort for the homeowner to feel their investment is made to last.

deck refinish before and after

Deck staining in South County

Our team of experienced painters use high-quality paints from local paint companies like The Color House in Wakefield. They offer products from Benjamin Moore that are designed to withstand the region's unique challenges.

We also take the time to understand our clients' preferences and work with them to create a personalized, aesthetically pleasing paint job. For commercial paint projects, we understand the importance of minimizing downtime for businesses and work efficiently while still delivering exceptional results.

While both residential and commercial painters have their own approaches, Porcayo Construction offers a robust service that combines the best of both worlds. The real question becomes - What works best for you?

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