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Custom Garage Build - Cranston, RI Project

We're excited to share a new custom garage build we are working on in Cranston. Check out the photos below to see our work in action!

  1. Site Prep: First we had to assess the site and discuss the dimensions of the space we would be building for our costomer.

  2. Excavation: From there, we excavated the area where the foundation would be poured to ensure we had enough depth to support the weight of the garage & any cars that would be stored inside

  3. Framework: Our Porcayo team then constructed a framework to aid in pouring the foundation

  4. Reinforcing: We then ensured we had the foundation reinforced with rebars to prevent cracking

  5. Pouring & waterproofing the foundation: The foundation was then poured with concrete, cured, and waterproofed to ensure water will not penetrate

Stay tuned for our next update on this project!

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