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Moms Deserve More This Year. Let's Talk About Home Remodeling Ideas This Mother's Day

home remodel ideas

Mother's Day in RI is a special day to show appreciation and love for the amazing mothers in our lives.

Typically, we see the same commercials for the the typical boring Mother's Day gifts year after year, over and over again. We've decided to explore the idea of home remodels as a replacement for the material things.

Disclaimer: We encourage husbands, sons, grandsons, and all gift buyers to buy it all to avoid any potential trouble between you and the Mom community.

If you're looking for a unique gift for your mom this Mother's Day, consider an alternative home remodeling gift that she will love. Here are seven ideas to get you started.

Red roses vs. Red interior paint

Instead of giving your mom a bouquet of red roses, why not consider painting the interior of her home? A fresh coat of paint in a bold and beautiful color like red can bring new life to a room and make a big impact.

The roses will be gone in two weeks. A fresh painting restoration of your mother's home will keep her happy for many Mother's Days to come.

We always recommend looking at home remodeling photos for ideas.

Interior painting in North Kingstown

Photo from North Kingstown Home Remodel

Flowers in a vase vs. New granite countertops

While flowers are a traditional Mother's Day gift, why not take it a step further and incorporate them into a kitchen remodel? Consider installing new countertops with a floral pattern or design to create a beautiful and unique space. A new kitchen can also increase the value of your home and make it more functional for your family. And we highly recommend you add a vase of flowers to the finished kitchen!

Granite countertop install with tile backsplash

A Drink on a lanai in FL vs. A New Three-Season Porch:

Covered porch addition in RI

If your mom loves to relax outside with a drink in hand, consider giving her a new room addition or covered porch upgrade. This type of space can be used year-round and can provide a comfortable and stylish outdoor retreat. Porcayo Construction can help you design and build porch addition that meets your mom's needs and complements the style of your home.

Card vs. New room upgrade:

Bunk bed painting makeover in Bonnet

While a card is a sweet gesture, a room upgrade can last for years to come. Whether it's a guest room, home office, or media room - A fresh coat of paint, new lighting fixtures, and a custom room design can bring new life into an old home. The restoration of an unused room can provide extra space and functionality for a Mom who is tired of Hallmark cards!

Day at the spa vs. A new bathroom:

A day at the spa is a great way to pamper your mom, but why not create a spa-like bathroom in your own home? Consider upgrading the shower or bathtub, installing new

Walk-in shower installation - RI

lighting fixtures, or adding extra storage space.

Start with upgrading her shower or bathtub to include a rain showerhead or a Jacuzzi-style tub. You could also consider adding a steam shower or sauna to enhance the spa


New lighting fixtures can also create a serene atmosphere. Install dimmer switches, ambient lighting, or even a chandelier for a touch of elegance. Make sure to add natural light with windows or skylights if possible. Storage is key in a spa bathroom. Consider adding built-in cabinets or shelving to keep all the spa essentials organized and within reach. Install heated towel racks to keep towels warm and cozy, and add a plush bath mat for extra comfort. A new vanity or sink can give your bathroom a fresh new look. Consider a vessel sink or a unique vanity with storage drawers. Add some plants, scented candles, or a diffuser to complete the spa experience.

Bathroom remodel and shower installation in Providence

Bathroom remodel photo on the East End of Providence

Jewelry vs. New flooring:

Wooden flooring installation in NK

While jewelry is a beautiful gift, new flooring can be a gift that your mom will appreciate for years to come. Consider upgrading your flooring with hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate, or tile floors to create a beautiful and functional space. Porcayo Construction's flooring contractors are skilled in working with a variety of materials and can help you select the perfect option for your home.

Romantic dinner vs. New deck:

While a romantic dinner is a lovely gesture, a new deck can provide a beautiful and functional outdoor space for your Mom to enjoy. Whether you want to create an outdoor living room or a space for grilling and entertaining.

A custom white deck in RI

Home Remodels: The clear winner!

In conclusion, this Mother's Day, consider giving your mom a unique and thoughtful gift that will last for years to come. Home remodels can provide both practical and aesthetic benefits, from increasing functionality and adding value to creating a beautiful and relaxing space. Whether you choose to paint a room, upgrade the kitchen, add a porch or deck, or create a spa-like bathroom, the possibilities are endless. With the help of Porcayo Construction's remodeling services, you can transform your mother's home into a place she loves and cherishes.

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