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Why You Should Stain Your Deck in New England

Updated: Apr 21

New England weather can be brutal to the outside of your home, especially your deck. The ocean air and salt from Narragansett Bay can quickly eat away at the exterior of your home.

Decks and porches are always susceptible to the harsh elements including rain, snow and the sun's harmful rays. One thing to consider are the long months in the winter where heavy snow may sit on your wooden deck for weeks on end, slowly eating away at the wood.

This constant onslaught can quickly accelerate wear and tear, diminishing your home's value and your deck's longevity.

Staining your deck is a fantastic way to protect it from the four seasons here in RI and is similar to painting.

A stained deck can often appear to look like a painted deck which can be misleading to people who don't understand these different processes.

Wood staining gives your porch or deck the aesthetic you desire while protecting and sealing the wood.

Deck staining protects from pest infestation, hinders the growth of mold, and works to prevent your deck's wood from rotting.

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