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Guest Bathroom Remodel and Custom Tiling in South Kingstown

This South Kingstown home remodel project included the refresh of an entryway and remodel of a small guest bathroom. These upgrades included custom tile in a herringbone pattern with new doors and casings to brighten the space with crisp lines.

Welcome to the project page of Porcayo Construction's latest project in South Kingstown. Our expert team of licensed bathroom contractors recently completed a stunning bathroom renovation, which included refreshing the entryway and remodeling a small guest bathroom.

Our bathroom remodeling services are focused solely on delivering high-quality craftsmanship, exceptional customer service, and attention to detail. These South County homeowners were seeking an upgrade to enhance the aesthetics of their space for guests and family.

Our team of skilled tiling installation professionals used custom tiles in a herringbone pattern, new doors, and casings to brighten up the space with crisp lines. We also incorporated stylish accent lighting, integral to the bathroom mirror, giving the space a modern and contemporary look.

If you're looking for a bathroom contractor in the SK / Wakefield area, we recommend sending our team a message. Our experienced team has been serving the area for many years, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with exceptional results, no matter the scope of the project.

At Porcayo Construction, we stay up to date with the latest home remodel trends, and we are always looking for innovative ways to create beautiful and functional spaces. As a researcher, we have found that some of the bathroom trends for 2023 for beach communities include:

  1. Natural Materials: Using natural materials like wood, stone, and plants to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere.

  2. Bold Color Choices: Bold color choices like navy blue, emerald green, and deep red can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to a beach-inspired bathroom.

  3. Spa-Like Features: Incorporating spa-like features like a rainfall showerhead, heated floors, and a soaking tub can create a luxurious and relaxing bathroom experience.

  4. Mixed Metals: Mixing different metal finishes like brass, chrome, and black can add depth and interest to a beach-inspired bathroom.

At Porcayo Construction, we are always on top of the latest trends, and we can help you create the perfect beach-inspired bathroom. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get started on your bathroom renovation project.

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